Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Stargazer Hair Chalks

Our resident Tween, Mini, of the Lazy Girl Blog is always after trying things which us parent's find are far too old for a 7 year old to be trying out. Hair dye was one of those things. So, do Stargazer have the answer?

Mini loves Little Mix, and her favorite member is Perrie Edwards. She tries to copy their dance moves and fashion choices, so it was no surprise when she voiced that she wanted to dip dye the bottom of her hair, just like her idol.

Of course, at 7, that is so not going to happen!

However, a new invention in the cosmetics wear world is Hair Chalks.

Stargazer kindly sent Mini a purple version to try out, and we decided to try it out before, during and after the school disco.

The Hair Chalks claim to be very easy to use, and to wash out instantly without damage to the hair (or staining).

They are very simple to use- they come in a flat disc pot, which contains a sticky backed sponge, which you place in the lid. You then place a strand of the hair in between the sponge lid and the chalk and drag it down. For simple streaks this works very well, and is even without much effort. Mini wanted the whole of the top of her hair "chalked" though, and we did find it easier and much quicker to simply remove the sponge and then drag it down the hair.

The colour is amazing and very vibrant. You can tell it has something in it and it doesn't look powdery at all. The great thing is that, unlike normal dyes, you can wipe it off if you manage to accidentally touch it on your skin.

I wouldn't advise wearing light colours or rubbing against anything while its on the hair, although some did go on the vest she was wearing and it did wash out at 30 degrees.

At the disco itself, there was quite a considerable amount of questions on whether I'd let her dye her hair after school, so it was convincing to look at. Her Head did comment about it needing to be removed before school after the weekend and I did chuckle when I told her that wouldn't be an issue!

She was able to dance around for two hours under lights and get very hot, and swish her hair without the dye lightening. It survived pretty well.

On coming home, we decided to see how easily it washed out.

It really couldn't have been simpler. I didn't even need shampoo- which meant a late night didn't become an even later night. I used lukewarm water and an old flannel, which I made damp and then ran through her hair, whilst brushing out any tangles. It took all of 3 minutes to remove and she does have shoulder length hair which is quite thick.

As for staining, well, there was none. We put the chalk in at 4.30 and washed it out at 8.30, and despite it staying in with no lightening, once her hair was made wet it disappeared.

I can definitely say that, should you have a tween who is showing interest in things like hair dye, this is a great alternative to keep everyone happy, with very little mess or fuss. It goes on well, takes hardly any time at all, and washes off easily too.

Its great for adults too for parties or if you change hair colour often.

The Hair Chalks by Stargazer aren't available as yet, but keep an eye on the Stargazer website to buy them direct

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