Sunday, 2 March 2014

TalkTalk Calls Boost- Mobile Nattering Costing You a Bomb? Read on!

In another in our periodical reviews of services from TalkTalk, this time we've been trying out their Calls Boost package for Landline calls to mobiles.

If, like me, most  of your mates own mobiles rather than landlines, you'll know just how expensive it can be to phone them. It can be astronomical to call for longer than 5 minutes, and can lead to unaffordable phone bills at the end of the month which you struggle to pay. 

It's especially true for older folk, like Grandparents and parents who want to keep up with the younger, more tech savvy amongst their family and friends but who maybe don't own mobiles to call from themselves, or who have little knowledge of the difference between he tariffs for landline to landline and landline to the more expensive mobiles.

Thankfully, there is a simple, cost effective method for those who have a high volume of monthly mobile calls.

TalkTalk have introduced their Calls Boost packages. Similar to their YouView TV boosts- like the children's boost we use- for a set amount per month added onto your bill you receive discounts on certain calls.

With the 1000 Mobile Minutes Boost, you pay £5 extra per month, and in return, you can call mobiles from your landline. You can then save a staggering £50 per month!

If you go over the 1000 minutes you simply pay the standard tariff as usual. 

That's over 16 hours of talktime, which even the chattiest of chatterboxes will find hard to run out. Currently I use 100 minutes in return for a £10 top up on my mobile and very rarely run this out.

There is no fee to pay to connect you to any of the Boosts including the Mobile Boost, and you can check your remaining balance for free online in "My Account" on the TalkTalk site. You're not even restricted to when you can use these minutes- they are available day and night, 24/7 (unlike some providers who restrict you to evenings and weekends). You also don't need to set up certain numbers, you can call whoever you like!

If mobile calls aren't an issue in your house, then there are other great boosts available- if you don't call mobiles that often but like a back up, there is the smaller 100 Minutes Boost for £3.50 a month, or why not try Global Calls Boosts, at either £3.50 or £5 per month depending on how many calls you need to make.

To see the full range of Boosts available, check online- you could save hundreds of pounds a year!

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