Saturday, 15 March 2014

TalkTalk- Picture This With Picturebox Films!

With Half Term being fast approaching, and weather we can never fully rely on (will it be sunny? Will we need a row boat to get to the shops? Will it, dread to think, snow again like last year?) its a good idea to have something for the kids to watch on TV.

In our latest TalkTalk review, we turn our attention to Picturebox films, which are currently free for a month for new and existing customers to try out.

As a family who don't generally bother with online film options, it's great to have a service like Picturebox available.

I'm not someone who watches films constantly- I prefer box sets of TV shows I was too tired to watch the first time around. Littlest is also still not a fan of sitting still for 90 minutes in the cinema, which can be costly if you buy your tickets, popcorn and drinks, only to have to leave after 30 minutes with a bored 5 year old.

Picturebox is available as a "Boost" to your regular YouView services, and costs £5 extra a month. In return for £5, you get an ever changing list of 60 films covering everything from family favourites to kid friendly titles, as well as action, horror and comedy. There's something to suit everyone.

The great thing is that, should Littlest get bored, you can leave the channel, watch something else, and then simply resume the film at a later time (or day).

Its like going to the cinema without the added cost of £7 for a limp hotdog, and come rain or shine you can watch whatever you fancy from the comfort and warmth of your sofa!

I have enjoyed watching everything from One Day to Bridget Jones, and the kids have loved Alvin and the Chipmunks, Beethoven and Paws.

Why not try it yourself for free for a month? You wont be lost for something to watch!

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