Tuesday, 15 April 2014

TalkTalk: Reach for the Sky with a TV Boost from YouView

In our latest TalkTalk review, Lazy Girl has been Boosting her the channels on her YouView box to include 7 channels from Sky. So, what do the Lazy Girl family think?

When I realised, via a friendly call from the team at TalkTalk (which all customers get from time to time to make sure you're getting the most from your package) that not only could I Boost the Youview to include kids TV but seven Sky TV channels I was pleasantly surprised.

After all, this is YouView. Surely Sky don't want you having their service on a competitor? 

No, its true though!

On Saturday, YouView added Sky 1 & 2, Sky Living, Sky Living It, Sky Arts 1 & 2,  and Sky Sports News to its Plus TV package, currently costing £18.50 per month (with other channels both live and on demand). Its also offering the Sky Movies Boost for £7.50- that's half price!

The great thing about having the extra channels is the entertainment is there at a click of a button- you can watch brand new episodes of shows like The Simpsons, Stella, About a Boy and Moon Boy, as well as one off dramas and fab Sky only series like Yonderland.

You can watch them when you want too, by going back up to 30 days- yes, a whole month- and watching shows you may have missed when you want.

For the boys, Sky Sports News keeps them upto date with on the pulse breaking news on every sport you can imagine (in our house, its watching with baited breath for Millwall to go down to the same league as Gillingham FC, as Daddy will not be pleased if mine and the Brats team get to beat them next season).

Sky Movies have a great line up of current and old favorite films playing 24/7, and what better way to spend a weekend over the Easter Break than with a good family film?

The great thing about all the Boosts from YouView is you aren't stuck with them if you get bored. You can simply go into your account online, or give them a call, and cancel. It's a great way of working out what package is for you and your family.

YouView is now the UK's fastest growing TV subscription service and I can see why. They really look out for their customers- there aren't many who would phone to check they can't save you money on their own service!

You can find out more at https://sales.talktalk.co.uk

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