Saturday, 24 May 2014

Feature: Are You Sun Sensible at Home and School?

The sun has started to make it's presence felt, so its that time of year when parent's should be sticking up on suncream for the whole family. SunSense have a great ranage available, along with a competition for schools to enter.

In the LazyGirl house, we love SunSense as their range is comprehensive as well as safe to use on Littlest's delicate skin. 

Getting young children to use suncream when all they want to do is rip off their winter clothes and go swimming or running round the park can be difficult, and using it at school by themselves virtually impossible.

SunSense want to help with this annual problem by encouraging schools to use their website to win a brillinat range of prizes. It's free to enter and kids can join in the fun too.

The competition will appeal to most kids and the whole class can join in too, its simple to do and you can really let your imagination take over.

One thing SunSense want to encourage is an increase shaded areas within school playgrounds. These wide open spaces often offer little respite from the sun's harmful rays, and with 100+ kids in each school, the few little areas they do have can fill up quickly. 

Hence one of the prizes is an Oz style "Sun Shack" and a SunSense Ultra 500ml pump too for each class.

All the kids have to do is design a funky surfboard, with the winning design making up part of the Sun Shack.

At home of course, its far easier to top up their sun screen to stop sun damage.

The SunSense range is purse friendly, and leaves skin soft and protected. We love their toddler milk for its pleasant scent and easy to use design, as well as their innovative Lip Balm which stops my lips drying out and cracking, and which Mini clamors to put on thinking it's regular lipstick!

SunSense products protect the skin for upto 4 hours, providing Factor 50 protection and the pump action Ultra Range survives 4 hours of water before needing to be reapplied- lessening pester power and grumbles from active kids. They also come in a range of sizes, from large 500ml oumps to a 50ml roll on which make travelling light.

Both my two now make it part of their summer sunshine routine, along with a hat, as the products are just so quick and easy to apply and don't leave behind any nasty smells.

The easiest way to encourage kids to put their cream on is to practise SunSense yourself, so don't forget to slap it on yourself too!

Why not let your school in on a SunsSense secret? Get entering today at

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