Saturday, 10 May 2014

Morrisons Mum Part 2- The Taste Test

If you liked Part 1 of Lazy Girl's Morrisons Mum posts but couldn't wait to see whether the ever picky Elder thought the taste matched the price then here is Part 2.......

I thought, personally that the food would most probably be fine, but possibly more mediocre, like my usual experience with budget supermarket shopping. After all, I managed to buy more items, including much more fresh meat than usual, for the same as I spend in Lidl.

We started off with a dinner for the children, serving them meatballs and pasta, at a cost of around no more than 50p a serving (the meatballs were 79p, the pasta was £3.29 for a huge sack).

They weren't the usual meatball brand we usually favour, preferring to try out the Morrisons version on a night when we had been out exploring Estate Agents and were not in the mood to cook from scratch. They got a hearty thumbs up from the Brats, with Mini commenting that the meatballs were far tastier than usual, and the sauce was rich and actually tomato red rather than radioactive orange. I was also told by Littlest that the pasta was springier, and tastier, and he liked that it soaked up the sauce more than our usual brand.
10p for an Ice Cream? Rude not to!

The usual pasta we buy is from Lidl, one of their brands that you can only buy in store. It does cook fine but it tends to start to go a bit rubbery the very second you drain the water away. Not so with the huge Morrisons sack.

Next was the all important barbecue.

We decided to hold our barbecue on the Saturday of the long weekend, as we had been led to believe by the ever unreliable weather forecast that the rest was to be a wash out.

Out came sausages, burgers, kebabs and spicy chicken, as well as some baby potatoes.All Morrions own brand produce, mostly from their 3 packs for £10 section. We also used Morrisons burger buns and sausage baguette rolls, which we were able to freeze until we wanted them.

We had far too much to share between two adults and two children, so we used 4 burgers, 4 kebabs, and 6 chipolata sausages, and the spicy chicken.

The first thing noticed by resident barbecue chef Elder was the lack of spitting produced by the sausages and burgers. Usually we find they spit fat all over the place, and he found that a good sign before tucking in, as it showed they were properly made with real ingredients and not full of fat, grease and rubbish. It was lean meat as promised.

Firing up the Barbie on Saturday

Once cooked and cooled slightly, we tucked in to our feast- Elder times everything so some things finish and we have a gap before the next item is done.

First up was the spicy chicken, which cost around £2.00 and contained large chicken thighs and wings. This was tested by Mini, and us parents (as Littlest is allergic to some of its spicy ingredients).

The flavoursome chicken took all the hassle out of marinating and chopping chicken, meaning it was easy to defrost and place straight on the barbecue- you can of course use the oven too. It had a pleasant kick of spice which didn't require large quantities of water to calm. I like spicy food, but often find with pre-marinated meat that the taste of the meat or poultry it covers can be masked by overpowering spiciness or barbecue flavours. The Morrisons product was quality chicken which was tender and pulled right from the bone,minus any gristle and the marinade was used for flavour, not to disguise a poorer quality poultry.

The Morrisons chicken I can honestly say is the closest I've come to when I used to buy pre-marinated packs of chicken from my local independent Butcher in Kent, where we could buy slabs of it on a Saturday as a two for fiver deal. It matched it in taste, quality and price as well, and considering Mini nabbed 4 pieces on her own, it gets the kid friendly thumbs up too, as there were no tiny bones to come off or bits of inedible gristle or cartilage hiding underneath. She was most disappointed when we ran out!

Again, at around 70p per serving, it would be rude not to indulge in these little tastes of chicken barbecue heaven.
Littlest enjoying his burger

Next we had some honey and pork sausages from the Morrisons specialty range. A bit like other supermarkets Finest and Special ranges without the hefty price tag.

Again, must admit that Elder was dubious regards the honey angle, but I love to try new flavours. I wasn't disappointed, as the honey gave a pleasant sweet note to meatiness of the pork. Delicious! Both our packs of sausages were part of a two for £5 deal, with 6 in the pack of Thick Cumberlands, and 12 in the Honey and Pork Chipolata pack.

The burgers were also lovely and mistaken for my home made variety. They had a lovely texture, and tasted lovely with a big slab of cheese inside. These were Littlest's favorite of the day by far.

The big test though was the Beef on the bone with barbecue marinade- something Elder had picked but was dubious as to whether it would live up to expectations.
The Heavenly beef (after Elder had gotten to it)

This was one of the most expensive single items we chose, at £3.59, but was a generous size. Although not barbecue friendly, it went in the oven with no fuss or mess.

The first I knew it was ready was when I caught-literally caught- Elder tucking in slyly in the kitchen! He was happy to report (and I am after managing to fight my way to get some) that the beef simply fell off the bone, was probably the nicest beef of its kind I have had, and would go well with a big crusty roll or just as easily with mash. It was simply stunning.

After being so well fed on Saturday, and with the weather being kind, we decided to take a trip to the local carboot, but before we did I decided to butterfly and marinade the whole chicken that made up the third item on our three for £10 deal.

Ready for the oven chicken
It was a good sized chicken, and after being battered and the bones removed (which left Littlest both amused and concerned), I placed the chicken in a marinade bag with a Morrisons Barbecue Marinade powder. 

It was ridiculously simple to leave it settle while we went out, and it tasted absolutely divine with salad and new potatoes.

I have to say, this formerly Lidl Loving Mum has, as one blogger put it after reading my last post, had my head turned and a full conversion throughout the household to Morrisons is a definite.

I am so pleased we were chosen to take part. Now, rather than eating mediocre food but being OK due to it being so cheap, Morrisons has proved 100% that you can eat well on a budget.

The fact that Elder, he who usually is so hard to please was happy as anything with the price and the taste says it all. 

To be able to stuff a family with a selection of Barbecue fayre over a couple of days for around £20 is brilliant.

I will definitely be a Morrisons Mum from now on!


  1. I enjoyed reading our you got on as a Morrisons Mum and the choices you made. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

    1. Thanks again Kate x Very happy to have taken part