Tuesday, 13 May 2014

TalkTalk: Hand in Hand to Help Parents Protect Children

In our latest TalkTalk post, Lazy Girl has been finding out more about an initiative to make parents aware of Internet Safety....

TalkTalk have linked up with several other Broadband providers (BT, Sky and Virgin) to launch and support a website called "Internet Matters".

Its certainly a site I will be using myself. 

Both The Brats have, inevitably, become interested more and more in the net. Mini has her own laptop, and Littlest cannot wait to pinch ours the minute we leave the room. Up until now this hasn't been an issue, but just a few weeks back in the holidays I caught them discussing childish rude words- like bottom and fart- and discussing how it would be funny to search these on the net. I dread to think what types of things they'd have found if I hadn't of intervened and they were swiftly banned from the PC as a result.

They do use computers at school, with firewalls and the like but some websites are clever to this, and a supposedly safe net search can lead to things we would rather young eyes didn't see.

Not to mention older kids using things we never had when we were in our teens. The rise of social media is everywhere, and everyone is aware of cases of cyber bullying on sites such as Ask.FM and Twitter.

It can be difficult to police our teens as the vast majority now have access to smart phones- there have been many parents who have voiced disbelief at finding out their child has Facebook, Instagram and other accounts.

Internet Matters, which launches today, aims to provide confused parents with completely free information on the tips and tricks you can use to be more Internet aware, whatever age your child is.

It gives advice on the best way to tackle Internet searches, gaming, and chatrooms, and all the signs to spot internet grooming and cyber bullying, as well as what sexting is, and what inappropriate websites you should be blocking.

The fact the advice is free means there's no excuse not to become net savvy and spot the signs of things going wrong before they become a major problem.

There's no reason why the net can't be fun, informative and user friendly for tweens and teens. Internet Matters has the full support of TalkTalk to make sure that's the reality for everyone.

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