Tuesday, 8 July 2014

VAX Laminate Floor Cleaning Review

Our in-house cleaning queen Emma from Mellow Mummy was asked by spares2you.co.uk to put one of their handy cleaning supplied to the test. Everyone needs a shiny floor? Right?

This week I had a brand spanking new laminate floor fitted in my hallway. I shan't go into the detail as to why I needed to have my laminate floor replaced but let's just say that it may be some time before my two year old gets back into my good books. With a shiny new (and expensive) laminate now in place I wanted to keep it looking its best whilst also bringing the rest of the older floors in my house up to scratch so I was glad to be asked by spares2you to test out the VAX Laminate Floor Cleaner.

In the past, I've often worried about mopping my laminate - I don't like to get it too wet just in case water gets down in between the joins and causes it to swell.  This VAX laminate floor cleaning solution boasts of very scientific "Nano technology" which it claims prevents the joints from swelling and actually protects them and the edges of your room.  The cleaner is also suitable for lino floors, unsealed wood floors and cork floors (gosh... its a long time since I've seen one of them!).

I found the cleaning solution very easy to use.  You don't need a VAX cleaning machine to use it, just a bucket and a soft mop or cloth-headed brush or sweeper.  It does still warn you not to over-wet the floor so you have to wring the mop out well when you dip it into the solution.

The laminate floor cleaner is bright orange and smells a bit orangey too - I like it!

The cleaner went on well and didn't cause any streaky marks when it dried.  I was impressed with the clean and felt it was as good, if not better than any other type of general household cleaner I had ever used on my old laminate floors just that this specialist laminate cleaner offers the peace of mind of knowing that you're not going to wreck the floor when you clean it.

The VAX streak-free laminate floor cleaner costs £4.99 for a 1 litre bottle (you only use 3 caps of the liquid at a time) and is available from spares2you.co.uk who sell lots of branded specialist cleaning products for use with and without machines.

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