Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Aldi School Uniform 2014

With a new school to start for both the Brats in September, it means a whole new set of uniform to match! This could be costly, so Aldi got in touch to tell us they felt their cheap and cheerful, yet long lasting uniform could be the answer to our budget problems.

After moving areas in May and having to see out the end of the year at their old school, we set about trying to get both brats into our nearest school. However, the new school has an entirely different colour scheme to the old one- meaning all those lovely items that were bought to last have gone to friend's for their children!

The new school is very strict on uniform, and I myself like my children to look their best, but of course like most parent's having to buy two entirely new uniforms from the shoes up can cost a bomb at a time when it's summer holidays and the purse strings are already stretched.

Aldi has uniform which starts at just £1.25. Yes, that's £1.25 for polo shirts which they have in a range of colours.

They have skirts and trousers for £1.50, short sleeved shirts for £1.99 and scuff resistant shoes for £6.99. At that price, you can kit your child out with a full uniform including shoes for the princely sum of £10.99.

So, are they hard wearing?

We let Littlest- death of all uniform- wear some for the last week of school and the trousers did amazingly well, no knee marks or wear and tear to the bottoms at all. The shoes also did well, with barely a sign of wear bare a few creases (although they aren't leather). The polo shirt may not have faired so well, after washing it did retain some stains, but at £1.25 its not really a massive issue compared to what I would normally pay for a pack of two tops for him from a rival High Street store.

We also received a very thick, warm school coat that's super padded but also waterproof. Its navy blue so it will be accepted by most schools and is easy to wash in the machine at home.

The shoes are available in sizes 10-3 and compared with the £30 I paid last year for leather versions exactly the same as Aldi offers (bar the material), its a massive difference in price but not in comfort.

If you are on a budget and those pesky kids keep growing out of everything week in, week out, then Aldi are definitely your answer!

The uniform is on sale now, and includes Disney Pencil cases, accessories and lunchboxes too- to see the whole range visit Aldi online.

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