Thursday, 28 August 2014

Peppa Pig Story Time at The Oracle Reading

Tomorrow is Littlest Brats birthday, so when we were invited to The Oracle in Reading for a special Peppa Pig Storytime, how could we refuse? What did Littlest think?

Littlest is a big fan of Peppa Pig and her chums, he has several soft toys and books from the franchise and between having to let his sister Binge Watch Phineas and Ferb, its constantly being watched on demand at Nick Jr.

Its hard not to like Peppa and her family of happy pigs, who always seem to be laughing and having fun, and jumping in as many muddy puddles as possible.

The stories are great for newer readers and the accompanying illustrations in the books follow the TV show too. As for the programme, they are short sharp bouts of kid friendly entertainment which make the Brats laugh (although Mini now pretends not to watch).

So, onto the Storytime on the riverside.

The Oracle is still quite new to us, its gigantic and full of great shops, but there always seems to be something going on for the family to enjoy. As well as the Storytime- back again due to popularity last year- along the riverside over the holidays has been a range of purse friendly activities to enjoy.

The Storytime in fact sold out, and you can see why.

It was so fun, so engaging for children, and the weather stayed fine which added to the fun of being outside by the river.

Wake up Daddy Pig!
They started off by getting the children to all shout to wake the pigs up, which both the Brats loved (any excuse to legitimately make noise), and got them hyped up for the rest of the 45 minutes. Next the children were invited to play a Jump in Muddy Puddles game, and they even roped some parents in too.

When it came to storytime, the children really enjoyed being read the two stories, and I have to give a big clap to the compère who was very engaging and did some very convincing voices.

All in all, with balloons being given out and stickers too, other areas would have charged for the ticket.

The Oracle though, gave these out for free.

Now, for 45 minutes of fun, excitement, two stories and the chance to have a cuddle with your fave Pig, for free, that can't be argued with at all.

A big thank you to The Oracle team for our ticket- we have one very happy boy on his Birthday Eve.

You can find out more about The Oracle at

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