Tuesday, 2 September 2014

a2 Milk

The Lazy Girl and family have been testing out A2 Milk. So, did it past taste test and what of the claims the company makes? Read on to find out more...

In our house, we are big milk drinkers, the adults have lots of coffee to keep us from nodding off at any given moment, and the Brats love nothing more than a big glass of milk, in fact they much prefer this to drinking juice.

We prefer to let them drink milk instead of juice down to all the newspaper scares regards sugar content, its good for your bones and the kids just prefer it.

I met the a2 milk guys at this years Britmums Live, and, although I prefer milk in coffee, I was intrigued by the health benefits it promised.

The label tells the buyer straight away that their milk is easier to digest. This is down to it being 100% natural cows milk with a2 protein, rather than a1 like most milk we buy.

It tastes exactly the same according to the Brats as their normal milk, but rather than bloating their tummies like usual, the a2 definitely sat better after being drunk several times (in our home, we generally drink at least 3 pints a day).

The reason I generally don't drink milk unless its in coffee is down to my childhood. My parent's isolated what was causing my severe eczema (as this was the 80s, there was less help around back then), and found diary to be the root cause. So, from a very young toddler onwards, anything from cheese to chocolate was removed from my diet as much as possible. I didn't try any milk and like it until Soya milk became available in my early teens, as I hated goats milk! Hence now, I don't tend to go for milk products as they can still cause flair ups of eczema even now I'm into my 30s.

The A2 protein has been shown to help combat dairy intolerance caused by milk, and now we have switched I'm less likely to suffer embarrassing patches of rough skin on my hands or legs (which is where most incidents occur, although as a baby and toddler my face would also suffer to).

Its suggested by a2 Milk that if you have previously assumed its Lactose which is causing you grief after drinking milk or eating dairy, it may actually just be that the most commonly farmed cow in Europe is providing A1 Milk protein, and switching to A2 can stop it in its tracks.

Its easy to buy from supermarkets, and priced at £1.99 for 4 pints its around the same as your non-supermarket milk competitors.

Its definitely worth trying a2 Milk if you suffer with bloating and indigestion or skin complaints down to diary. Its only around £1 more expensive for 4 pints than supermarket milk, tastes just like normal and is easy to find in the milk aisle.

You can find out more about a2 Milk at http://a2milk.co.uk/

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