Friday, 12 September 2014

Brand New Baby Annabell

I'd like to start by saying this is meant to be a vlogged review from our resident lover of all things girl related, Mini. However, owing to her having smacked her face in the playground, the vlog will be coming soon! This is her thoughts on the doll though.

Mini loves Baby Annabelle, she received her first one around the age of 3, and now has-wait for it- 5 different versions of the doll. She did kindly give one to a friend though recently on being sent the latest, advanced model of the popular doll.

At points, she can quite happily have them all switched on at once, her own miniature Baby Nursery in her bedroom, and play for hours.

I think the great thing about the dolls is that they are more than just a standard soft body doll. Yes, you can change their clothes and pretend the feed them, as with a non-tech doll. You can even give them a good cuddle in bed if you like too- the body, despite housing a battery pack and all manner of technological gadgetry, is very soft to snuggle with.

The definite attraction though over having, for example, several similar versions of the same doll that is a standard doll, is that each time Zapf Creation bring out a new version they do lots of improve it.

Obviously, the tech advances in general help, and Zapf certainly take full advantage of them.

The cry and laugh of this doll is astounding, its even more realistic than the last version we bought for Mini. No tinny whine either, its that clear that I found myself jumping from bed in the night, half asleep, when Mini left it on in it's bed. Seriously, I forgot where I was and what year I was in! The sound is crystal clear.

The head, feet and hands are decorated to a high standard, with light rubber making it easy to carry, and realistic features on the hands, fingers and toes.

Its very simple to dress and undress, and all standard sized dolls clothes (or newborn baby clothes if you like to pick up some bargains in your local second hand shops!) fit, and it fits in Mini's baby pram and crib. It also still fits snuggly in an earlier versions Baby Carrier and car seat too.

The newest feature is a very welcome addition to the sounds too- now when the child rocks the baby side to side, it encourages the baby to sleep.

If it wasn't realistic enough with the crying sounds, rocking it- just like you would a normal baby, certainly helps! I now, when I'm given the doll to hold whilst her "Mini Mother" goes off to watch TV or do homework, automatically rock it.

If you have a daughter who loves Baby Annabell as much as Mini does, then you can find them at Amazon priced at £47.99

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