Friday, 26 September 2014

Cleaning Products - Why Bulk Buy?

Our resident cleaning guru, Emma from Mellow Mummy has been at it again.  Emma has been finding money-saving cleaning ideas for simple household cleaning jobs and shares her tips here.

Ever since I first moved out of my parents house, around 11 years ago, I have made use of cash and carry services and online trade stores to buy lots of my regular household products in bulk.  One of the most common things that I tend to buy in this way is household cleaning products because they are things I know I am going to need week-in, week-out so I can be confident that even if I buy enough to last me many, many months, I know it will get used in the end.

One of the things that most tempts me to buy bulk cleaning products online is the price.  For everyday cleaning products I can save so much more this way - a very simple floor cleaner, a very simple work-surface cleaner and basic bathroom cleaning products all make sense this way and offer significant discounts over buying a single bottle from the supermarket as long as you are happy to use the same product over a period of many months (I know some prefer a change every so often!)

Recently, we have been using this enov hard surface cleaner for mopping the hard floors in our kitchen, bathroom and dining room.  Where Tesco’s own brand multi-purpose cleaner costs £1.00 for 500mls, this enormous 5 litre bottle from NCS costs £5.60 for 5 litres- a saving of around 88p per litre!  What's more, it is highly concentrated and I only need to use a teeny tiny bit in a bucket of water.  I'd expect this bottle to last me well over a year.

I've also taken to diluting this hard-floor cleaner even more and putting it into a simple spray bottle (you can clean and recycle an old one or NCS sell brand new empty plastic trigger bottles you can use).  Used this way, the hard floor cleaner is perfect for spraying directly onto the floor in the dining room where my toddler has thrown her food.  It is a lot more cost effective this way for me to regularly clean just a small area rather than mopping the entire room (and it saves me time too).

NCS also supplied me with a set of multi-purpose colour-coded microfibre cloths for cleaning different parts of the house.  Each cloth has a slightly different texture for a different use, one for glass and mirrors, one for kitchen and bathroom, one for wood and one multi-purpose cloth that can be used all around the place.  I've had great success with these cloths, particularly in the bathroom where they make the difference between "clean" and "sparkling" without having to pay for expensive cleaning products and... certainly... without the need to scrub.  I particularly like the fact that I can just bung them in the washing machine after use and they come out as good as new; this saves a lot on dishcloths and paper towels.

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