Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Lunchbox Loves: Yollies

Mini of The Brats is now well and truly back to school, and despite the occasional brave step towards School Dinners, she still prefers the odd packed lunch. Striking the balance between healthy foods and making sure she doesn't starve can be a minefield. Kerry Foods asked our picky 7 year old to try their newest lunchbox friendly product, Yollies....

Both the Brats like Cheese Strings, and these have become a firm lunch box favorite, they are mess free, take up not much room, taste nice and are great for growing bones.

The same company has now tried to use that winning formula with Yogurt.

Yogurts are fine for lunchboxes, but they tend to end up causing mess somewhere along the line. Either they explode all over your sandwiches, or they get spilled all down a uniform. However, they are something Mini likes, so we had tried yogurt squeezy products but with limited success.

The idea of a soft but not too soft yogurt on a stick, fusing yogurt with a lolly, was certainly intriguing, and, I felt, doomed to soggy mess.

They are well designed with a handy plastic stick, and the wrapper comes off with ease for little fingers. They are molded into a smiley face the same as the Cheesestrings mascot of the Brave Bones club so instantly recognisable.

So, how do they taste?

Very fruity, not too sugary, but its a strange concept, as when you try it you expect it to be bite-able and hard like an ice lolly. But they aren't! They are soft, not liquid soft like traditional yogurt pots or tubes, but its a strange consistency when you are expecting something chewable.

They are reassuringly filled with nothing artificial, and can be frozen to keep your lunch box chilled during the day.

The Yollies are something worth trying.

You can currently buy them exclusively from Asda stores for £2.

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