Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Aveeno Skincare Range

Keeping skin healthy in winter can be tough, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. It can be even worse for children. Aveeno are a natural skincare range who sent us a selection of their growing range to try, along with their own book for kids "Ellie and Eddie: Goodbye Dry Skin". What was the reaction in the Lazy Girl House?

From a very young age I've suffered eczema, and, now I'm in my 30s, I'm more and more aware of the importance of a good skincare regime to keep my skin looking younger.

However, doing so with conventional skincare can be a minefield of flare ups of painful skin as a result, so buying over the counter becomes a hardship and makes me wonder why I bother!  Do I keep my skin young and soft at the expense of cracked itchy skin? Or do I just give into wrinkles?

Its now even more of an issue in our home down to Littlest having severe allergies to all sorts of food types, including nuts- which can be found in many creams hidden among ingredients.

Explaining his allergies is hard too as he's 6- not old enough to understand why but aware that he has them.

Aveeno have released a great book called "Ellie and Eddie, Goodbye Dry Skin", which I wish was around when I was a kid. It makes it fine to have allergies and dry skin, rather than making the child feel a bit weird.

As a kid, I was forever being given little gifts of soap and bubble bath from friends and relations due to a growth in a certain catalogue door to door retailer introducing pretty shaped soaps and little gift sets for girls in pink girlie colours. In all cases, my Mum used to give them to my sister, leaving me to my boring, smelly coal tar soap instead.

Now, Aveeno have a wide range of pleasant smelling products available for bath, shower and skincare too, all of which happily makes my skin soft and doesn't result in a month of steroid creams to remove the damage done by other "Sensitive" creams and washes.

They come in handy sizes for your handbag as well as big bottles which last ages, and the moisturiser is pleasantly thick and rubs in well, unlike tell tale prescription creams which can be unpleasant and sit on the top of the skin, turning your clothes greasy.

They also look lovely on the bathroom shelf too, with simple packaging (unlike the prescription variety which may be fine in the pharmacy but hardly look attractive in the bathroom).

They are fine for all the family, and I particularly like the bath and shower oil too. A few squirts in the bath, or used as a soap in the shower, leave the skin soft ad nourished without being a pest to wash off.

I would recommend Aveeno as they are reasonably priced and when they say they are suitable for sensitive skin, they mean it.

I would also highly recommend the book too for explaining to kids who suffer and who may be feeling different to their friends that they are not alone, and that despite allergies, you can do everything you want to. The illustrations are great and the dialogue doesn't preach either. Even better, it's free to download on the Aveeno site.

You can find Aveeno cream in most supermarkets and pharmacies, priced at around £3.60 at Boots*

*According to price checker

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