Thursday, 20 November 2014

CHRISTMAS: Ami Gami, a Vlog Review

Mini has been vlogging for you all again, this time it's a brand new toy available to the market, called Ami Gami. Here is what our nearly 8 year old thought....

As you can see, Mini is hooked, and, as a parent it was easy to see why.

I love the idea of my children doing nice crafty things to occupy them instead of the TV, the kind of thing that I have seen pinned on pinterest and the like. The problem is, even the most simple of art project ends up in a hefty carpet cleaning bill usually, and requires more effort from me than the kids!

With Ami Gami, its very different, and the most effort required from me was to open the packaging. Mini found the step by step instructions (all 3 of them for the less challenging design she chose) incredibly easy, and was quite happy selecting what funky designs she wanted for the hair, arms and tail.

She also loved the stickers which should last quite well as they attach to a shiny surface so should peel off with ease.

This is quite possibly the first arts and crafts toy which has kept her amused for hours, not ended in a tantrum and was tidied up in under 2 minutes.

You can make it more challenging too, by using the special wand (included) to curl bits of paper if you want to. But Mini was far too interested in the stickers and designs available.

Once the child has picked out a design, there is no need for scissors, they press out simply and fuss free. You then poke a little plastic screw into them and they stay until you change your mind and start again.

This toy is a wonder for any parents who despair of the level of knowledge required for some kits. It certainly encourages imaginative play and independent learning, and can be used by boys and girls.

There are plenty of critters (I have to say before I even let Mini loose on the "naked" Ami Gami I thought he was pretty cute) to choose from, and they would make a great gift for kids.

Ami Gami will be available from all good retailers shortly, and I cannot recommend them enough!

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