Tuesday, 18 November 2014

CHRISTMAS: Monster High Freaky Fusion and Frankie

Christmas is fast approaching, so what better way to pick toys then ask kids as picky as the Brats what they think of some of the top toys this year? First up is Mini, who has been testing out a Monster High Freaky Fusion doll and Chamber. What does she think?

From a parent perspective, the doll is great fun, it takes a little bit of working out at first to make it's hair stand on end but once you've had a try its pretty simple.

As you can see, Mini certainly found it simple to set up on her own.

It takes standard batteries, and thankfully it doesn't stay permanently switched on, cutting out pretty soon after the button is left alone.

The doll alone as a separate toy is funky enough to please older girls who still love imaginative play but may be moving away from traditional fashion dolls. However, the doll is a standard size so can easily share clothes with lots of dolls which keeps the interest that bit better.

Cost wise, its available from all major retailers online and off, the best price we found was at Amazon at £39.99, which saves you around £5.

For girls (and boys to- Littlest was most impressed with the hair raising action too) age 5 and over, this is something just that little bit different which will be fun come Christmas morning.

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