Monday, 1 December 2014

CHRISTMAS: Everything £5- Too Good To Be True?

In the Lazy Girl house, Christmas is an excuse to ditch the jeans and Mum Uniform and put on something just that little bit more dressy (although partially hidden by a pinny). We decided to try out Everything £5 to see what was on offer and whether you really do get what you pay for....

I had heard of Everything £5 a while back, right as its site launched and to be fair, it was pretty basic what was on offer back then. Hence, I'd not bought from them before.

However, I've recently lost quite a bit of weight, so my go to LBD was now missing its "little" tag and looking tent like.

Being a parent means my spare money is going on the big day's main presents for the children and the food, so I thought it was time to pop back over to the site and see what was available.

I'll be honest, I expected it to be full of odd sizes and flammable materials. I also kind of expected the type of clothes that you see on offer in those High Street stores which pop up in empty units for two weeks before disappearing again.

I have to say I was impressed by the range available- they also now have men's clothing and some childrenswear too. Its simple to navigate their site, so if you are a regular customer you can click onto "New Arrivals".

The site advises that they get new stock online every day- so when the original stock is gone, its gone. Its true- I've since looked at the site a number of times and sure enough they do have an ever changing line of garments and accessories.

The range is diverse too, covering everything from the type of girly outfits readily available in teen stores like New Look and Topshop, as well as more classic pieces similar to Next and M&S.

The difference is how cheap they are.

I bought two dresses, and on the day I did I managed to get them for £4.17 each!

They ship worldwide, and offer next day delivery for the type of price you'd pay on eBay, as well as cheap and cheerful standard. All in all, my items plus shipping cost less than £14.

You can also pay by paypal, so this was what I went for as it was peace of mind that should the dresses turn up looking less than impressive I could claim my cash back just like with eBay.

The items arrived very swiftly- in fact I wouldn't bother with the costlier version of delivery unless you have an event the next day or two. I received mine within 3 days of buying, and was kept up to date on where they were in the delivery process via helpful emails.

They were well wrapped, and I was dying to see the items.

I wasn't disappointed.

Both dresses are made from heavy material, not thin cotton like I'd assumed they would be, and are lined! Actually lined inside!

I was very pleased with the fit, both were well cut and looked great. I would say the sizes are a little out- something others had commented on online but being forewarned meant I had picked a dress a size up on my own size.

The belt with one dress is a little on the flimsy side, but its easy enough to remedy with a new belt, and when you consider I spent £4.17 on a dress which is fully lined, its no great deal to replace a belt if it snaps after a few wears!

I am really surprised actually, I was expecting a dress which would "do" for indoors which I would be fine with as it was so cheap. However, the items could easily be mistaken for Next or Zara if worn with decent accessories.

I would recommend them to Mums on a budget or those looking for clothing for teens too- they is such a great selection to please everyone, at prices even Primark would shy away from. They have everything from shoes and partywear to great separates for everyday, all at £5.

Well worth a post Cyber Monday look that wont make you hide your bank statement!

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