Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas: Poundland Make Up Gallery

Lazy Girl is a big cosmetics fan and picky too, she heard about Poundlands new range of make up and thought it needed a test! So, armed with a fiver, we bought some to see if it could look good fro Christmas parties....

I have tried all types of make up, cheap and expensive, and they're all very much of a muchness if you, like me, just wear it to do the school run and for the occasional night out. I don't and couldn't be bothered with contouring Kardashian style, to me, if make up stops me looking quite so sleepy, I'm happy!

Poundland has a whole range of cosmetics all for- you guessed it- £1, everything from an impressive selection of nail polish to lip sticks and gloss, and everything in between.

The packaging- something that usually lets down cheaper brands- is simple and chunky, very classy looking. I find usually on cheaper brands that the catches go very quickly and they look cheap, but this is luxe, almost on a par with Chanel in its black simplicity.
The foundation I chose was in an Ivory shade. Usually, ivory shades can be either almost ghostly goth white or pink in colour, leaving me looking washed out and not doing much for my under eye bags. The ivory here is slightly more cream, it was slightly orange for my very pale skin tone, but I added, as I usually do to all foundation as I avoid very pale colours, moisturiser and it was fine. One thing I loved was how thick it is, a pea sized amount goes very far, usually they can be very watery when under £5.

I also chose a pressed powder, which is lovely and silky, and UV friendly. Its not chalky, and its light as a feather, giving very simple coverage.

I love, adore, the lip gels and glosses. For a pale girl, red can look like you've gone too far at a Twilight convention, but not so with the Poundland make up. It lasts very well too, and its not sticky.

I am sold! Its so cheap, my usual make up bill is well over £20 for a few key items, but here you can refill your make up bag for around £5!

Cheap make up is usually strictly for desperation times or for painting the kids faces at Halloween, but this is just amazing. Its no wonder its selling out everywhere and even Vogue have given it the thumbs up.

For beauty lovers and tired Mums everywhere this is a must try. Its also great as a stocking filler for teens too. My sensitive skin loves it (in fact, I get more break outs from other well known brands).

Go grab it before its gone!

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