Tuesday, 20 January 2015

TalkTalk: No Longer a Customer, But Still Driven Mad

In the follow up to her previous post giving an insight into TalkTalks questionable customer skills, Lazy Girl updates on what has happened since cutting ties.

I finally left talktalk- after much argument between myself, them and the middleman at the beginning of November. I was promised that was the end, I wouldn't have to pay any money as a "gesture of goodwill".

I was relieved with this, but I was still quite disgusted that not one talktalk agent could talk to me direct (makes a mockery of their name and the business they are in). I was just treated like an annoyance to be gotten rid of.

They have never apologised for the way things went. They never answered my concerns within the blog post, despite other's commenting on the post.

In all the time we had problems, all the times we were promised things would be sorted out with our line and shoddy connection, and the time they asked me for a large sum of money to even look at the problem, I was assured it was not them at fault. It was my fault. It was my house's fault. It was BT's fault. But it was not them and their service, not at all.

Which is why I find it shocking that now I have moved to Sky, I have not once had an instance where the net has gone down. Not once. The phone line is clear as a whistle, the net is constant, fast and reliable.

If they'd like to, they are still free to explain how this is possible? How with their service, it was off and on every two minutes, all day, every day from June until we left.

The Sky is fitted in the same wall socket as the talktalk was. It has the same connector. No issues.

Which leads me onto the emails and letters.

I have had several letters asking me to return to talktalk- despite them telling me they did not want me as a customer. I also find it funny how, when they decided to start billing me, they didn't have my correct address, sending my personal banking details to my old address (which, again, they blamed me for, despite my having to provide my new address to be supplied to it).

I have had emails in the same vein, asking to get my business.

These are annoying spam, of course, but they go with the rest in the bin.

Its the money and threatening one's I have had, including one this morning which baffles me.

I first had a letter telling me I was to be billed £30 per month until February when my contract would have ended (remember, the contract I never had a copy of, and never signed). From November until February, that would cost me £120, for a service I no longer had and had felt I didn't have fully from June anyway.

So, I messaged them on twitter and was told it was a mistake.

Except I got a second email, this time upping the amount to £60 per month. Or £240.

Again, I was told this was an error. Not to worry. But just in case, I cancelled them from my bank details. I spoke with my bank and they made a note of it, that should talktalk try to yet again remove money from my account it would be treated as fraud. They also paid me back the money I was charged as I told them I'd never instructed talktalk or given permission for the Direct Debit to be set up in the first place.

I have had emails asking me for feedback, I have had one's asking for money, anything between £15 and £60. I then have another round of emailing talktalk to get it retracted.

They even tried to put a stop on Sky taking me on, by telling them I was in arrears. In the end, my net was turned off by talktalk and I waited a fortnight for it to be reinstated by Sky, purely because talktalk refused to allow them to take the line over.

To this morning, now some 3 months on from leaving talktalk, and yet another email appears.

Marked "Important, Your Youview Box Charge", I got the same sense of "here we go again" I usually get from talktalk and emails.

Apparently, over 41 days ago they asked me to return my viewing box, they even sent me a return envelope and I haven't bothered so now, they will be charging me.

Well, that's news to me, as they have never asked for it to be returned, I asked if they wanted it and never got told either way. I have never received several letters and emails regards the issue as suggested, and much less this "return envelope".

It fails to say how much money they want for it, suggesting I sign into my account online. Which I do not have, never did, and when they did finally give me the details just before we left, I tried to use these today to be told "this account doesn't exist".

According to online details, a Youview box costs £75. If they think I'm paying it, they can forget it.

I just want to end all ties with them. They make so many errors even after you leave, I would question whether they seriously need to sort out their admin staff as well as their customer services department.

They are an utter farce.

Think twice before signing up.

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