Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dear talktalk: This Has to Stop Please!

In yet another update to the ongoing saga of Lazy Girl's involvement with talktalk, we find out whether its all been quiet on the youview front...

Seriously. Sometimes, I love what my blogging and reviewing (5 years reviewing now) brings, experience wise. Sometimes, though, the experience is best forgotten.

However, with talktalk, forgetting and getting onto the next project seems to be something they don't want me to do. Even though I've not been a customer since November last year.

You'll remember just over a month ago on January 20th I posted what I thought (hoped) would be my final installment of the farcical situation with the company. In fact, I was told by their Twitter team that they were very sorry and of course that would be the last time I'd hear from them.

Hell no.

I was quite tired out last night, a busy weekend starting with two discos Friday, a visit from a friend and his child Saturday until evening, plus a very welcomed visit from old Kent friends meant that Monday evening (after helping out in Littlest's class) was a definite sofa and TV type of night once the kids were in bed. By 8pm I was nodding off like a Granny, when the home phone rang.

When we moved to Sky we kept the number talktalk gave us as we'd just had to change it when we moved from one side of Berkshire to another- the area code changed. We didn't want to have to update everyone again and were told this was free. Now? Now I'm regretting the decision.

The phone call was automated, asking to speak to me by name. It said to press 1 if it was me. If I pressed this button, apparently, and wasn't me I was breaking the law. All very robotic in voice.

Now, I've had these before when I bought a second hand mobile and chip many moons ago and know, generally, they are for debts being chased- not in my name as I never have debts as I simply don't have cards, loans and the like. However I wanted to know what on earth was going on, and no surprise, the next set of options told me it was talktalk and I was on hold as they wished to speak to me about an outstanding debt amount.

I held for 15 minutes, now they called me, so why I would need to hold is beyond me. Next I was told all agents were busy so they were disconnecting and to call back on an 08000 number- but the message was so garbled and quick I couldn't get it written down.

Luckily, considering they'd phoned me, so cutting me off after 15 minutes was really rude frankly, I found the number online and called back.

It seems talktalk have paid no attention to any customers- and there are many- regards their rude and ignorant staff. The guy I spoke to huffed and puffed like I was interrupting an important conversation by phoning, then promptly refused to tell me what was going on as I gave my current address- the one they supplied from June 2nd last year. I also kept saying that I didn't have an account anymore, so why were they phoning, but no, he wouldn't tell me and put the phone down for security purposes.

Again, I called back and got cut off after holding for 15 minutes, lucky for me this was a free call. I tried a third time and got through.

I did explain what had happened, and this time asked if I could give my old address, as both my current address and phone number, nor my previous phone number, were recognised on their system. It seemed that, yet again, talktalk had still- still- not updated my address, despite supplying me for 5 months.

I was told they had "demanded" (that was the word used) many times via email (nope) phone (nope) and letter (possibly) for my youview box to be returned.

The same one I was told in January was a mistake and they didn't want back.

They now wanted £75 or would contact a debt agency to chase me, and put a note on my credit file.

I told the lady this was the first phone call I had had and considering I was cut off after being on hold for 15 minutes I had no idea what they were calling about. I had one email which I was told previously was an error and several other customers who had left when I did had got it in error too. I then asked her what letters had been sent and was told 3 including a return envelope for the box. But then I asked where they'd allegedly been sent to.

My old address, obviously. The one they know I don't live it, as they have sent correspondence to my new address about rejoining.

She again told me she needed me to pay now on the phone. I checked they wouldn't remove money (fraudulently again) from my bank and was told there was no bank account attached to my "account", which apparently is still live until I pay up!

On checking online, it seems their community pages are filled with similar stories to mine regards the issue of the youview box. Several people have been threatened unless they pay £200. Some £75. Some have spoken to head office one hour and told it's an error then the next day are phoned like I was for the outstanding charge for the box all over again.

Talktalk, I will appeal directly to you. You have treated me, and many other customers in an appalling fashion. You have never, ever, contacted me directly but I now have to go back to my third party to get hold of you to stop all this, again- not fair on them or me.

You are putting me at illegal risk of identity theft- my old home is 14 miles away, I do not drive, I cannot simply "nip round" and grab post. You know where I live.

You are now threatening to mark my credit rating. For something I have been told I do not need to send back.

Either this is a massive glitch, or you really are just incompetent.

You are a communications network, so lets actually communicate together.

I will not pay £75.

I will though, go direct to the relevant Ombudsmen and see what they think of the shoddy and disgraceful attitude to customers, ex, reviewing or otherwise. I will also advise as any people on your community pages to do likewise.

TalkTalk, enough is enough. I have left your company, I have very good, very cheap net, TV and phone line, in fact better than I ever had with you, with friendly call centre  staff, and its cheaper than what you quoted I would pay by miles if I had of stayed with you- with calls my bill is £50, the one you quoted before phone calls was £65.

I'm now using their community page with several others to request some answers. One Executive has responded and, surprise, hasn't read anything written by any of us, as he has suggested contacting customer service regards it to resolve. Thats exactly what I have already done!

Talktalk clearly do not have a clue and do not listen to their customers, or ex-customers.

I have one polite suggestion:


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