Monday, 2 March 2015

Lumie Bodyclock IRIS 500 Aromatherapy Alarm Clock

Being a busy Mum, Lazy Girl's sleep pattern can be disturbed by her little cherubs. Sleep of course is important for health and well being. So, if you're sleep pattern is more awake than well rested, Lumie think they have the answer.

Up until testing the Lumie IRIS, I've always just relied on my mobile phone alarm to wake me up of a morning. However, the alarm noise is so loud and irritating that rather than snapping it off and getting up, I want to swear loudly at it and fall asleep. Which, of course is far from practical when you have the school run to sort out.

The Lumie IRIS is more than just an alarm clock though, and mixes light therapy and aromatherapy with the right pitch to wake you up in a friendly way, as well as helping sort your body clock out by using the light and smells to drift you off to sleep slowly.

To start with, you have to set it up and the big instruction book did slightly concern me that it would a faff. It comes with a remote control with reassuringly few buttons and it took only 5 minutes to have a quick skim of the instructions and set it all up. It comes with a universal plug and adapter, as well as a battery for the remote.

Once it's set you can just as easily change it, and you set the modes to have the light turn on or off after upto 90 minutes or as short a time as 15 minutes, depending on your own needs.

I found having the light dim at night for 30 minutes worked best for me and went for 15 minutes before the alarm went off in the morning.

You can also set the intensity of the light, and the aromatherapy oils too, as well as how loud you'd like the alarm. It really is user friendly and simple.

Looks wise, its simple with clean lines and simple, clear display. It looks modern and smart on the bedside table.

You can choose what aromatherapy oils suit you- personally my favorite after testing a few was good old Lavender. The oils aren't included but they are pretty inexpensive and readily available.

You simply lift off the lid and fill the two chambers inside with water and a few drops of oil, replacing the lid after.

As for concerns of having a mix of water near electricity, the lid is reassuringly very well fitted and snug.

It took me a little bit of adjustment waking up to a bright light, but actually it really sets you up for the day and its relaxing to wake up to a lovely smell of lavender in the air too. I was pretty sceptical at first, but actually I couldn't do without the lovely burst of light of a morning, mixed with a far less grating alarm.

The remote makes it indispensable in the night too- I often have to get up with Littlest in the night if he is unwell, and getting up in the dark was a nightmare of avoiding waking the house up by turning on main lights. With the IRIS, I can slowly put the light on just enough to see where I'm going but not enough to wake the whole house up.

Not only that but you can set it to randomly switch on whilst you're away for added security. Power cut? Not a problem for this clever little gadget as it backs up your settings.

I really love the Lumie IRIS, its such a great little invention for us parent's and its a must for parent's who may be finding sleep a struggle after nights waking up to feed a newborn.

At £160, its a bit pricey compared to other simple alarm clocks, but this is so much more than a simple alarm. Its a light, a geek's idea of heaven. and of course has the aromatherapy linked into it too.

Lumie IRIS should be on everyone's gift list this year for all parent's new or otherwise, or those who have trouble sleeping.

You can buy the Lumie IRIS 500 from Amazon and other stores.

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