Monday, 9 March 2015

Orbeez Hand Spa

That most diva like of child reviewers, Mini, has been trying out an Orbeez  Hand Spa. Did it please our tween tester ad appease her  requests for a real nail bar experience? Read on...

Mini loves playing with nail polish and other nail related items, like art pens and stickers. She is really getting quite skilled at it too for her age. Like most girls these days, ever in a rush to be grown up, she has been asking recently to go to a nail bar and have her nails buffed, but being that she's only 8 and I've never myself stepped foot in a nail bar, I've always said no as it seems a little OTT.

The Orbeez Hand Spa- part of a range of more Tween orientated "toys"- fills the gap in a fairly inexpensive and simple way.

Its simple to set up, and works by using water and the "orbeez"- little plastic beads which the child lets float over her hands. It also includes a nail tool for after your "spa".

The toy is not suitable for children still inclined to put bits in the mouths as the beads are very small and colourful so if you do have little ones its best to keep this out of harms way.

It packs away and can be used again and again, so long as your spa owner is careful to put all the bits away, the beads are easy to lose.

The spa itself is very attractive and the attention to detail is great too, the water pumps from a waterfall, and the beads- some 600 of them float over the hands. The buffer tool is a great added feature to soothe those poor finger nails.

For someone who loves the idea of pampering, and pampering others, Mini loves this, its all I can do to stop her taking it to school and setting up a spa in the playground. She has recommended it to several friends in school, and has used it on me too.

Its actually great for continuing imaginative play in a more age centered way, as Mini pretends she is running a beauticians.

I loved that it was friendly for allergy sufferers like myself as its water only and you don't need potions and lotions which could irritate sensitive skin.

A great item which tweens will love again ad again.

Orbeez Hand Spa can be purchased for £19.99 from Argos

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