Sunday, 12 April 2015

Birthday Parties are #BetterWithCake and Mr Kipling

Yesterday our ace reviewer, Mini, had her 8th birthday disco party and picnic (a rather impromptu one as you will find out). We were given some of Mr Kipling's finest and most well known cakes for the occasion to see if life is "Better with Cake"......

I am yet to find anyone who doesn't like cake. Even Elder, he of the lack of sweet tooth, cannot resist the odd sneaky cake confection.

When I think of happy times, they are always punctuated by cake, and as we found out yesterday, when life goes slightly awry, cake can just make the difference between total catastrophe, and smiles all round.

Firstly, here is Mini's own review for you of Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells, Viennese Whirls and French Fancies;

As you can see, the cakes went down very well with our reviewer. I think I managed to snaffle one Viennese Whirl and a French Fancy before the children all gladly ate them. 

The disco very nearly ended after 45 minutes down to a faulty fire alarm going off in the hall which couldn't be turned off without a key. Problem was, none of us at the hall had a key, and neither could we manage to track down anyone responsible for the hall.

With Mini's lip quivering, and 20 other girls and boys (and their parents) all looking very sorry for themselves owing to the abrupt end to the disco, party games, and fun, something needed to come to the rescue.

That's when I told them all that, they could all be smiling again, as we would walk across the road to the local park, and, with a quick relocation of all the lovely food, and the appearance of the Mr Kipling cakes, order and happiness was restored and the party was saved. 

So, did Mr Kipling prove life is better when you add cakes? Yes indeed they did. When you break out a box of delicately iced fancies, or the sweet and jammy niceness of a Bakewell, or the crunch of a biscuit of Viennese origin with its sugary topping just begging to be bitten, no matter if a party has gone a little out of the ordinary, with fire alarms deafening you all, and a bit of a windy park your only option, cake makes everything better.

Thank goodness for the ease of Mr Kipling cakes!

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