Tuesday, 12 May 2015

VLOG REVIEW: LEGO Avengers Superheroes Playset

Littlest, who is not usually always a fan of a Vlog review spot, has fallen in love with a LEGO set. Here are his thought's on the Lego Avengers Age of Ultron, Attack on Avengers Tower playset.

As I said in the vlog, Littlest is pretty hard to please, and generally he's hard to remove from a PC. So the fact that he has played with this, non stop, and added other Lego to it is genuinely amazing. 

He did find it a little tougher than the freestyle sets, but he loved the challenge, and anything that makes a child grow in confidence whilst slyly playing is always welcome. It was also nice to see his elder sister join in so they could do little bits and add it together- without the usual scraps over who gets what. 
The set goes with other Lego sets and is great for imaginative play

The fact it is an Avengers set (when he is still a bit young for the film but loves Iron Man and regularly plays made up games of superheroes at school (he is Super Ninja apparently) adds to the fun and aided imaginative play.

I would agree with the age guide (although Littlest is 6 and a half), I would say younger one's or those not used to building sets may need a little guidance but the booklet that came with this was very handy and easy to follow with big bright pictures to show what went where.

At £59.99, its pretty much well placed in terms of Lego sets, its got some great little detailed characters with it and I think is not bad a price for the fact my son has been almost silent playing with it and adding bits and bobs to it. Hours of fun! 

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