Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Approved Food- A Review

Lazy Girl has been hearing all about Approved Food and how thrifty families can save lots of cash on shopping, so, armed with her bank card, thought she'd give it a go....

I first heard about Approved Food on the BBC. I was impressed by the idea that, rather than supermarkets and suppliers wasting large amounts of food every week due to use by dates or discontinuation, Approved Food buys the stock up and lists it online.

I am as guilty as anyone of wasting food due to Use By dates, when, in actual fact, most food can still safely and with common sense, be used after this date. In fact, this date is purely for the supermarket, as, obviously, if you bought something that was out of date in store, ate it, and became unwell, you could hypothetically sue the supermarket. However, people become confused by "Use By" and "Display Until" dates, as display dates are a different to when the food will spoil.

It started in 2009 as a market stall and has now moved on to become the UK's largest short date website.

The prices are cheap- ridiculously so, and it's possible not just to buy the usual brands we know in the cut price supermarkets or Pound Stores, but luxury brands from higher end supermarkets, as well as more specialist items too.

Its then picked, packed and delivered for £5.99- yes that may seem a lot but that's no matter how much you order, and in line with other supermarket's when you order online.

There is a raft of product available, and, of course, it changes regularly, so sometimes you may find something on there and then next time you shop it's gone, but from world foods, to store cupboard essentials, sweets, alcohol and beauty buys, there is something there to tempt most people.

The multi buys are a very welcome idea as well, and there are plenty of them. In my parcel, I bought 2 400g packs of Rajah Brand Masala powder for £1.50, 3 Knorr Flavor pot packs (each with four pots inside) for £1.20, and 3 tins of chopped tomatoes for 99p.

I was very impressed with their named brand savings, amongst them a 500ml bottle of top brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil for £3.99, saving me £6 on it's normal price! Along with Bisto Simply Casserole satchets at 3 for 99p, saving me £2.76 on it's usual price.

The site is so pleased with the knock down prices it tells you how much you are saving- our choices would have usually cost us £47.34, but all together we spent (before delivery) £22.31, which saved us £25.03.

For those concerned with use by dates, they have this prominently displayed on each and every item, and yes, some things are a few days or week out of date, but this is mostly cupboard things like spices. Most things are well in date though, and are simply end of line products so you can chose wisely.

We were kept informed of the status of our delivery, via regular emails, and we could track it onsite by signing in too. At the checkout, they offer other savings on exclusive check out only deals- when we shopped, if you spent £30, you could buy 18 luxury loo rolls for £1.86.

I made my purchase on Sunday afternoon and received my parcel on Wednesday, so its swift. The parcel was well wrapped, nothing broken or bashed, and the food has all been perfectly edible and no tins have split with age- in fact I can see this being my go to for my tins and such meaning I can more or less avoid the supermarket in favor of my butcher instead as after buying the box I did, I only needed to go to the butcher for the rest of my list. 

I usually spend around £80 a week on my main shop, and then another £20 on milk and such or when the Brats have pinched all the lunchbox drinks and snacks, but the week I bought from Approved Food, I spent around £50 instead, mainly as I could bulk buy from the comfort of my home rather than having to factor in a bus journey or car parking if Elder was with me.

I can definitely recommend Approved Food, as more and more families find making ends meet tough, this site offers a solution to it that is simple, purse friendly and also socially more responsible by cutting waste.

Even after you've shopped every day I receive an email with more offers, and the site is growing all the time, now including pre-packed veg too.

Give it a try, and see how much you save.

*We were not sent anything from Approved Food for this review, its simply to bring our readers a view of the venture and our positive experiences of them*

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