Tuesday, 23 June 2015

PREVIEW: Autumn/Winter Fashion at George at ASDA

Last Thursday, The Lazy Girl popped down to London for an exclusive look at next season's fashions courtesy of George at ASDA.

Back when I was at school, wearing clothing from any supermarket was considered social suicide. In fact, such was the bad threads on offer (allegedly), there were even songs about it.
Cut to the last few years, and as supermarkets have taken over the High Street, incorporating websites with online shopping offers, as well as click and collect, buying clothing in store has grown in popularity.

ASDA have long been great at clothing in store- my fave skirt as a kid in the eighties was a George a-line navy skirt (it looked similar to Kylie's in the I Should Be So Lucky video), and its range is vast.

When I was invited to a sneak peek of their new range for Autumn/Winter last week I was happy to go along as I often rely on ASDA for school uniform as well as buying the family shop!

From comfortable casuals, to amazingly beautiful evening wear, and cheap and cheerful- but well designed- clothing for kids, ASDA have outdone themselves for next season.

Of course, Autumn/winter encompasses Christmas and the heady party season, and sometimes cheaper brands in supermarkets or on the High Street can fall short, preferring to keep with the ever popular mix of jeans, tops and undies. They are often let down by space, but I think ASDA have this covered as not one but two of our local stores with George in have been redesigned and improved in the last couple of years to enable them to have more options and sizes without finding shoes hanging up over the fruit and veg!

My favorite item was clearly meant for Christmas due to its simple sparkle. I had expected the dress- a very twenties inspired, drop waist dress with beading detail- to be upwards of £60. It was very much similar to items sold in TopShop designed by Kate Moss, selling for well over the £100 mark.

The dress had its price proudly displayed at £35! I do buy clothing from ASDA but I would never have thought, being it was part of a special range, that it would cost that.

As for non-sparkly, more every day items for the family, they have definitely taken inspiration from a wide range of current and continuing trends, and have bits and bobs for all ages.

I was impressed by the 70s inspired, Semi-Coachella boho dresses and separates, which make summer and festival dressing a stress free, cheaper affair. No one, unless they are Kendall and Kylie Jenner and pals, wants to wear expensive threads to a muddy festival, but if you have spent around £20 for an outfit or dress, and it becomes dirty, its a simple case of emptying your bag into the washer once home and you are good to go.

They have also included an impressive range of underwear and nightwear too, with luxe but affordable fabrics and bold prints.

The range again of styles and combinations was extensive, and some could happily be mistaken for more expensive brands.

Not only did they have very simple cotton jamas and nighties, the range included more flimsy items for special occasions! The cotton bottoms also looked suspiciously like the sort my local student population will happily and openly wander about the local shops in.

For men, the range is more capsule, but still well stocked with both casual weekend Dad musts of t-shirts, shorts and funky jackets, to office or smart attire in suits and shirts. They also had boots similar to designer brands in a range of styles and colours.

Where I think ASDA do really well though compared to their competitors is their kidswear, and we often pick up school uniform for a fraction of the cost of other brands. Unlike a lot of supermarkets again with smaller clothing concession space, our ASDA has a good selection all year round, and although its always annoying when the kids lose a jumper, with ASDA uniform being priced at around £5 and under it does make it sting less.

Most of the kidswear across the range is considerably under the £10 mark, yet don't let that put you off. Cheap, yes, poorly made and not long lasting, not so much.

Included in the showing were cute character tees, polka dots, must have printed satchels, stompy boots with patent sheen and tartan ribbon ties, warm coats for boys, and old faves like jeans and party dresses. It is extensive and with one coat, a thick waterproof for boys being under £5, well there will be no excuse not to pick up a new top or shoes with your lunchbox food for the week without your purse taking a major hit.

Overall, I was impressed with the George preview, for it's great mix of designs, styles and of course, its purse friendly approach. 

You can find George at the Asda website, and in store, or use their click and collect service online.

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