Thursday, 20 August 2015

Aldi- When £30 Goes Along Way in the Holidays

The Lazy Girl likes to cook, and thinks camping should be no different. So, Aldi decided to send her £30 of vouchers to show how far that will stretch when planning a long weekend at a festival. 

After the first time I went to a festival back in 2010, I have learned that the best tip for saving money whilst camping is to bring your own arsenal of camping stove, gas bottle and tins of food. 

Yes, tin food is possibly seen as not that palatable, but Aldi say that there's is just as good as their other food, as well as providing other essentials and the odd cheeky alcoholic beverage as well.

We found it hard to spend the full amount, and came away with food for the camping trip and then some.

We went for a massive selection bag of crisps, some chocolately rice cakes for the children, a box of breakfast cereal, mini concentrated bottles of squash, boil in the bag rice and noodles. We also bought tins of hot dogs, curry (both extra spicy and mild), meatballs, ravioli and mac n cheese. 

Not only that but we picked up handy packs of wipes, and loo roll, bin bags and even some UHT milk too, some dry shampoo and sun screen.

We ended up with several heaving bags of shopping and still had a fiver left over.

Armed with our goodies, off we went on our camping trip, safe in the knowledge we wouldn't go hungry.

The first night we decided to pick up some bread from the local shop on the way and had a round of hot dog sausages as we'd eaten a meal on the way to the site. 

No, hot dogs aren't the great British banger, but when you're in the middle of a field, with two hungry children and have just put your tent up after lugging all your gear down a hill, they were the tastiest hot dogs this side of the campsite.

I like a hot dog though but find some cheap ones are pretty watery and unless you cover them in sauce they are pretty  bland. These were meaty and I found I could go without sauce happily. They didn't leak water everywhere and make the bread soggy either.

In the morning, the kids helped themselves to bowls of chocolate hoop cereal and rather than their usual moaning for food we get on campsites, they happily munched away, letting us get the tent ready for going to the first day of the actual festival itself. We also got a lovely, hot cup of coffee using the 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 tubes we found in Aldi- considering these were 99p for 6, they were a massive bargain- the coffee on a stall on our field was £4.20 a cup! 

We took crisps and rice bars with us up to the fields, as well as filling the kids sports bottles with water and bringing the handy squeezy concentrate bottle with us to give them a drink (again, a carton of juice on site can be up to £1).  

At dinner time, the kids had noodles (Mini) and Mac n cheese (Littlest) and both were happy with their meal options. Mini can be very hard to please, but was stuffed with her packet of noodles, and Littlest- not the easiest to feed down to his allergies, loved the mac n cheese, saying it was very cheesy and the pasta was soft.

Us adults had boil in the bag rice, which was easy to cook and took minutes, and a curry each. These had big chunks of chicken in, not just bits of stringy mush. They weren't very spicy- not for us but then we do add chili to most food anyway, but adding some tandoori powder I had brought with me certainly spiced it up. It was shockingly delicious, and we did have a few folk walk past us on their way to the food huts ask where'd we got our curry from! They were quite surprised when we said it was tinned and boil in the bag!

Over the course of the weekend, we were all well fed, had plenty of juice and coffee, and  certainly enjoyed my cheeky lager too! When a pint costs £3.20 on a stall, you are very happy to have a sneaky can back in the tent.

The sunscreen and essentials like the wipes were a god send, the wipes cleaned up everything from mucky hands and muddy knees, to cooling down necks and wiping off my boots that got covered in sandy mess walking back. The sunscreen let me get a tan but without burning.

I can happily recommend all you thrift lovers go and have a look round your local Aldi. For camping trip must haves, they will leave you happily well fed and not out of pocket.

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