Friday, 14 August 2015

TP-Link 4G LTE-Advanced Mobile WiFi M7350

The Lazy Girl does love her mobile internet, but, in some situations, it doesn't always love her. TP-Link sent her a mobile WiFi device- the LTE-Advanced M7350 to see if she could get WiFi wherever.

I love to take my mobile to the local park, and, living just outside Reading, nearly everywhere has handy free Wifi. The only place that doesn't? The Park. 

Which of course is where the Brats want to spend every moment of the holidays when it's not raining. 

I also want to use my shed as my office, but there seems to be some force field in the garden from the back door that blocks it 80% of the time.

With the 4G LTE mobile wifi device, I can place my mobile phone chip into the handy portable device and away I go. 

The signal is very strong, on a par with my home broadband. It means that, whilst they run off steam in the park, I can park up with my laptop, and the 4G Mobile WiFi, and as long as my battery lasts on my laptop I can carry on with blogging and tweeting. 

For something so good at providing a signal, its tiny and sleek, no bigger than a wallet or mobile phone.It gives you ten hours battery life from fully charged, and can also take an SD Card for 32GB of storage.

Even better, it can run 15 devices, so it's perfect for a camping holiday- you can get the same level of powerful WiFi connectivity regardless, and can host everything from a laptop, to a tablet and mobile phones too, keeping everyone happy,

It supports older devices too which run below 4G, and can contain micro sims as well as the old style ones.

The set up is very simple with clear, precise instructions that even the most tech phobic could figure out.

Overall, for holidays or work on the go, you can't go wrong with this small but mighty powerhouse. So long as your data is fine on your sim, and you can pick up a signal (although using 3G we find better for those on pay and go or limited contract as it eats less data) this will allow you to work for anywhere you please.

The TP-Link M7350 4G LTE-Advanced Mobile WiFi is £75 from Amazon, and well worth it too to stop any holiday rainy day angst when travelling!  It also has three year warranty too at no extra cost, so is safe for the beach and around active kids!

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