Saturday, 8 August 2015

Zippo Flexible Neck Utility Lighter

One thing the Lazy Girl house loves about camping and summer is firing up the camping stove or barbecue. Doing this safely though can sometimes be a problem. Zippo asked us to try their Flexible Neck Utility lighter to see if we could camp a little safer this season.

I hate lighting anything- gas cookers, barbecues, camping stoves, you name it, I will girlie out of it and pass the matches or tiny lighter to Gadget Dad. It all stems from the dodgy gas cooker I had in my first shared house, which required a brave soul to get in to the oven to light it to successfully cook even the most basic of oven fayre.

The amount of times I burned myself meant I was put off for life.

The Zippo Flexible Neck lighter is so simple though that even a wuss like me can light even the hardest to reach places.

Such was its ease of use I now feel I know what our earliest cave dwelling ancestors felt like on first discovering the power of fire.

As the name suggests, this classy looking product expands and wiggles round to keep hands (and eyebrows) from any source of flame at all. The neck is akin to the 80's bendy necked desk lamp so favored by set dressers in furniture stores, you can bend it anyway you like and it then bends neatly back again.

It takes up little room in your packing for camping and we found it an utter god send at Camp Bestival last weekend.

It was actually lovely for me to be able to cook on the camping stove for the first time since we bought it, and not have to wait for Gadget Dad to put the kettle on in the morning.

Its stylish and sleekly designed- as you would expect from Zippo and is now ready in the shed for barbecue season too. There are no over the top buttons and things, you simply click and go from filled.

Priced at £17.99 (Amazon), its refillable (also very simple and fuss free) and is far less stressful and dangerous than throwing matches around hoping for a spark.

I cannot recommend it enough.

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