Thursday, 1 October 2015

Laughing Cow Mini Cravings Cheese

Finding snacks for lunchboxes and curbing boredom can be a minefield- not only do you have to consider a picky child eater but also the never ending lists of foods that school's ban parent's from providing. One thing which never seems to find its way onto the banned list is cheese, and Mini and Littlest have been trying a new range of Laughing Cow Cheese, Mini Cravings.

I lose count of how many times I have to come up with a new option for lunchboxes- Mini gets bored easily so often expects something different each day. Littlest is easier to provide for in terms of he will happily each whatever is given, but his allergies are always a consideration.

Both of them, happily, love cheese, but I'm not a massive fan of certain shaped and molded cheese, I would prefer them to have a big lump from the cheese block but both of them prefer anything in a handy wrapper.

Laughing Cow Mini Cravings certainly make everyone happy. 

They are tiny little packages of flavor rich cheese, each with an individual twist, and each not taking up much room, so you can add a few different varieties to a lunchbox.

Each packet contains 24 Mini Cravings in 3 different varieties, and there is something to please even the most fussiest of eater. They are a good source of much needed calcium and not filled full of sugar and salt- something we are now all aware of when making choices of what we feed the kids.

Mini's favorite was the Ham and Herb variety, which had a subtle taste of what she felt was cheesy bacon- combining two of her preferred savory foods in one handy square. Littlest meanwhile could not get enough of the Smoked Cheese version.

They are versatile too, tasting great on toast at breakfast time, and the small helping was just enough for younger chef wannabes to pick one for their toast with less mess than giving them a whole tub to spread on.

I found a few of them went great stirred into pasta too, creating a really tasty and light coating- especially if  you chose a few versions and add some chopped ham and peppers to the mix.

At 14 calories they are great for snacking on a diet too.

I think these are great for Mum's as they are small but perfectly formed, and pack a punch. They would make easy finger foods too for on the go.

At £2 for 24 they are purse friendly too.

Mini Cravings from the Laughing Cow are available from most supermarkets.

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