Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Interplay FabLab Hair Flair

In another review as Interplay Experts, Mini gives her thoughts on the Hair Flair kit. Mini is now 9 and is moving on in her toy tastes, so what did she think of this all in one kit?

So far we've loved the Interplay kits and found them really simple to use, so for this challenge I left Mini more or less to it to work the set out.

The Hair Flair is for age 8+ and comes with enough kit to make 8 possible designs as well as a instruction booklet.

It was something Mini had been looking at using her pocket money to buy. Being 9, she is now at that inbetween age where she wants to be more grown up and try out hair and make up stuff, but still considered quite young by us so we try and bridge the gap with kits like these.

To be fair, Mini did find the kit quite hard to work out. It's quite fiddly, not so much the plaiting of material but the little clips which fit in the hair are really difficult for her age perhaps, and she did have a few moments of having to ask me to do these for her.

I found that the hole to put the pre-made extension into was very tiny- too tiny for the end to fit through, and worked better with the plait it yourself string.

She was most interested though in the pre-made, funky coloured extension though and wanted to get stuck in to this straight away so it did cause a bit of a meltdown from her when we found it impossible to fit.

The Instruction manual is quite good though for the plait yourself version, with helpful photos which made it simpler for her.

The quality of the materials is good- the clips could be better as they tended to slip out of her hair easily- so if you were to wear one outdoors after putting the effort in to make it I'm sure it would cause tears if it slipped out and went missing.

For girls who like to fiddle with their hair its a good little pocket money set but perhaps suited to a little older than Mini.

The Hair Flair is available from Interplay for £8.99

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