Friday, 28 July 2017

Stretch Vac-Man Toy

Littlest has been happily trying out a new toy from Character, the Stretch Vac Man- so what did he think?

Vac Man is a baddie- he is Stretch Armstrong's arch enemy. I'm sure I wont be the oknly parent to remember Stretch Armstrong from my childhood in the late 80s and early 90s- he was the toy that you could- as the name suggested- stretch across a room and he would snap back into place.

Vac Man is a little different and I think in today's hi-tech world that is quite a welcome difference.

Box appeal wise the box is bright and colourful, and definitely grabs the attention of any child who has a love of cartoons and action heroes. On opening it there's nothing to assemble and no batteries to fiddle with so you can play with the toy from the off.

The Stretch Vac Man can be played with as a smooth, non-pumped up character (and actually, Littlest has had the item like his at night and cuddled him!) which you can stretch just like his vintage pal. 

However, inside the box is a bicycle pump type affair, which, when you attach the end to the toy- and this was very simple for small hands and something Littlest at age 8 found easy without any adult supervision- pumps the Vac Man up.

He has beads inside and, once the pump is used, his "skin" becomes scaly and he can be stretched even further. It is also pose-able and will stay in any pose until the air is released. 

Littlest found this hilarious, and happily played with him against his other action hero toys.

To make him go back to his soft, in Littlest's view cuddly state, you simply press the air out from his ear.

It didn't take much effort to pump him up although smaller arms may need a couple of go's but to be honest this was just another element of the toy that Littlest found fun. In fact, it started off competitions to see who could pump him up quickest between Littlest and Mini. Mini, at ten, also loved Vac Man and she's not traditionally a fan of action toys at all.

Littlest gets to grips with Vac-Man from Character Toys

The detail in the toy is fantastic, he has a very well designed face which puts you in no doubt that he is a baddie character. 

The boredom factor is very limited in this toy for younger children as they can play together stretching him and he fits right in with imaginative play.

I'm sure once the tie in series arrives on screen Vac Man and Stretch Armstrong toys are going to become ever more popular and I for one am happy to say we are fans in our house.

The Vac Man is 35mm high and comes with his pump in the box. He is suitable from ages 5 and up. 

He costs around £30 from most major retailers including Amazon.

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