Family Panel would like to assure all readers:

  • We never except money or otherwise for reviews. Ever. If we like a product, we will say so, if we don't we will always be honest. No matter what.
  • Prizes are sponsored by companies, however, we will never give a positive review based on this. We review an item before we offer it as a prize. If it sucks we wont give it away! (Obviously with tickets as prizes this is hard to do!)
  • Not all items are kept by us, however, we do prefer to keep items such as toys (unless you'd like to wrestle them from the children!).
  • We are not paid for our site. It was started in January 2010 by a keen Mum Blogger who enjoys the opportunity to further her skills as a writer. 
  • We are happy to have Guest Reviews submitted at anytime, no need to be a Blogger yourself, just be able to write a fair review. Feel free to email us.
  • If you are a prize winner, you will be emailed. If you do not want the prize, or don't reply after 2 weeks, we will give it to an appropriate charity, or if it is a craft/toy item, to our local nursery.
  • We are happy to review anything if it falls into our categories. However certain items, such as Adult toys/films and material, and toys which promote violence will not be welcomed onto our site. Sorry!
  • If any of our team or Guest Reviewers have a relationship with anyone who works at a company we are asked to review, we will hand it over to someone who is non-biased.
  • If we find an item is not to our taste, we will be constructive, and will say who it may be better aimed at. We will never openly attack a company, site or product.
  • We welcome businesses who we have reviewed mentioning our review on their site, and ask that a link is posted to the review at the mention.
  • We don't just source our reviews from items we are given. We review everything we buy as well. This makes no difference to our review. 
  • We are happy to change price details if we get them wrong, and welcome all feedback, positive or otherwise. 
  • Our Special Features are sourced by us. We do these in general in the interests of our readers, to help them source the best item at the best price. We are Parents too, we love to make savings! These, however will be paid for pieces, hence they are marked as a Special Feature or with a *.
  • We love lesser known sites, and are happy to review the Biggest and Littlest of brands.
To contact us for a review, or to submit a Guest Review (either written or video) you can email familypanel@yahoo.co.uk, or you can find us on Twitter.